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Inspired by the growth of the Balaboostas Forum, this site has been designed to unite and stimulate Jewish women with intellectual discussion and soul expression. As we face the modern era head on, women are often juggling leadership roles and motherhood, whilst embracing all of the qualities that evoke our strengths and struggles. While we may all come from different backgrounds, we all have something to contribute with our unique stories.

Balaboostas Forum is a sisterhood of women who share ideas on marriage, motherhood, and all-things-women. Whether it is a technical question on marital intimacy or the latest baby stroller, the Balaboostas community joins married women of all ages and stages, as well as experienced professionals. When all is said and done, nobody would deny that  inspiration and comfort may come from a short anecdote, a child’s quip, or a delicious recipe. With the rich satisfaction that we obtain from sharing tales of soul and body, we feed the mind with  stimulating discussion about the world and our perceptions of it.

Be it politics, education, health, fertility or marriage, come and join a community of women who have a thought to articulate, a piece of art to display, or an interesting book to schmooze about. Find your sofa, power up your electronic device, and enjoy your visit at Balaboostas.com!

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