Bracha Bard-Wigdor

Bracha is the founder of Balaboostas.com, an online community for Jewish women. She is a ‘Passionista’ when it comes to women, and believes that women should harness their inner strengths to make the world a safer and happier one. Bracha is a certified bridal educator, a certified doula, and a committed community activist. She lives with her husband and their two-year-old son in New Jersey.

Chana Laila Skoglund

Chana Laila has been studying herbal medicine and natural healing since 2003, when she enrolled as an apprentice at Blazing Star Herbal School. Throughout her time studying herbal medicine, Chana Laila has become the mother of three children and has focused on how to care for her family using herbal remedies and products, as well as healing through the use of healthy seasonal foods. This work has inspired her to create Earthwise Medicinals, a homespun line of ethically and sustainably harvested herbal products for women’s and children’s health. Chana Laila currently publishes a blog at Earthwisemedicinals.com, chronicling her love for natural healing, recipes for healthy eating, and highlighting her efforts to engage her children with healthy eating and organic gardening. In 2004 Chana Laila completed a doula training program and currently works with women to offer professional labor support services. Chana Laila is currently enrolled in a correspondence certification program on herbal medicine for women’s health taught by Aviva Jill Romm, MD.

Chumi Borenstein

Chumi Borenstein, is a young married woman with a beautiful little son. She loves expressing herself through writing, cooking, baking and being a Jewish mom. Her passion and her dream is to be a kallah teacher because, Chumi believes that there is so much about marriage that is not taught and not said and she feels like it must be relayed. Coming from a very small community, Chumi is used to saying what she thinks and not having much acknowledgement in anyway, so if she offends anyone in anyway, she gets to just blame it on the upbringing 😉

Gabi Aharonov

Gabi Aharonov is a Language Arts teacher with a degree from Wayne State University. She has developed her interest in reading and writing since publishing poetry in the 5th grade. She now lives in Michigan with her husband and daughter, attempting not to kill her last potted plant.

Ilana Spencer

Ilana is an enthusiast of religion, food, and dinner parties, in some order. She is currently the Morah for a group of children that are probably smarter than her. She also sneezes exactly 3 times every time she has to sneeze.

Itta Roth

Itta Werdiger Roth, originally from Melbourne, is a professional cook and the founder of The Hester, an off-the-grid music venue, “speakeasy” and supper club located in Brooklyn. The Hester’s purpose is primarily to fuse local food, music and Jewish conversation. Chef Itta enjoys cooking with unprocessed foods, “doing it yourself”, supporting local organic agriculture and educating people on the nutritional and economical benefits of such a lifestyle. For information on cooking classes or private parties, Itta can be reached at thehesterclub@gmail.com.

Rachel Shuchat

Rachel is a young stay at home mom and a part time makeup artist. She loves to share her makeup looks and beauty secrets for all to enjoy! Rachel does not Photoshop her pictures because she wants you to see the makeup – the way it actually looks. She believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way and makeup just enhances that! She has a blog called Makeup by Rachel, and lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Rivka Bauman

Rivka Bauman is an acclaimed professional photographer with a remarkably diverse range of styles. She works on-location to create unique portraits and produce extraordinary images that touch the heart.  You can check out her photos at RivkaBauman.com. Rivka lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey.



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