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Working on Faith

“I am in love with Hope.”

Instead of traditional flowers for Shabbat, my husband brings me books. Last week it was “Have a Little Faith.” Very often I find that my religion is strengthened by books such as this. Mitch Albom wrote this book about the religious men in his life, Reb and Henry. He wrote their stories and their struggles. Each had a unique relationship with God, and helped raise a community.

The conflict about religion is raging in many of us. We are brought up taught to believe in certain things, to believe in a way of life. Some of us find enough of a reason to cling, and some, like Albom, run away from our past and heritage. But like many, Albom came back and shared his story.

I have known many rabbis in my life. I knew one who helped nudge my family into going to Shul (synagogue) weekly, convinced my parents to send me to a Chabad school. I lived across the street from another rabbi; he had a daughter who is like a sister to me, he took me in when I ran away from home, gave advice when I needed it. I have rabbis I call for ruling on Halacha (Jewish Law) and rabbis with whom I argue about spirituality and what God really wants. I had rabbis who taught me in school say Sheva Brachot at my wedding, and now teach their daughters. Every one has made me question my way of life.

Questioning is a good thing. It is part of having a relationship with God. Why things are the way they are. Why I am how I am. Does He really care? And looking for the answers is what brings us close to Him.