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A Moment of Silence

Exactly one week has passed since the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre. As the world continues to mourn the loss of 26 innocent souls, we hope and we pray for comfort and clarity during this painful time. This poem is in loving memory of Noah Pozner, the youngest and the only Jewish victim. It is also in dedication of the other 25 lives that were lost. Noah, please beseech our father in heaven to free the world of evil and darkness. “May G-d comfort your family, together with all mourners of Zion and Jerusalem”. Thanks to the Galenas, your Taco dream is becoming a reality.

In their final moments
Inhaling their last breath
They did not hear silence
Facing the angel of death

They heard sounds of gunfire
Piercing the once innocent air
The gut-wrenching cries of children
Mourning a world they thought was fair

When the bullets stopped flying
Wailing sirens took its place
Sheer terror and utter havoc
On every survivor’s face

TVs and radios cackle
More opinions and banter
Asking the one big question
Though there will never be an answer

Shots, sirens, cries, no silence
The world yammers on and on
How? Why? Who? Still no silence
People are hurting, children are gone

Little smiles lost forever, be silent
Grieving parents’ arms left open and bare
Brave teachers now angels, keep silent
Our world needs a moment to hear….

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